Ban 500Rs. & 1000Rs. Currency And New 500Rs. & 2000Rs. in India

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About Banned Currency In INDIA

Welcome friends, I am your friend Kunwar Pankaj
Here I post about Banned currency in India. Huge and very big news about ban the currency of 500Rs and 1000Rs in India. This was very shocking News for us and i especially don't expect that thing. But it is good for our Nation and it is help to enhance the Economy. Its is help to circulate the black money and fake money in Nation and Prohibition all of unwanted things.

New 500Rs. & 1000Rs. Currency

This was new Currency launched in India. It is looking so good especially 2000Rs. . It having a lot features like
  • 21 way to check for 2000Rs. & 500Rs. currency real  or fake.
  • The new currency size is 66mm x 150mm and 66mm x 166mm respectively 500Rs. and 2000Rs. .
  • Swachh Bharat logo with Slogan.

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